Zigzag Path

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I know of a seaside town with a lovely big beach, but in order to get to this beach you have to go downhill for some way along a cliff path. So that it wasn't too steep and dangerous the path had been made with a series of bends, with the result that you are walking in one direction and then turning a bend and facing the opposite direction! It is called "The Zig-zag Path" and I think there are about six bends.

Life is a bit like a zig-zag. We think we're on one course, then we have to change all our plans and do something completely different. (Where I live, it's often the weather which dictates this!) Often we go through some tough patches or distressing times when we feel we can never be happy again; then life becomes sunnier once more. With prayer, we can ask for God's help and courage to get us through the bleaker times. The guidance and strength provided by His Spirit will give us hope and comfort.

Here are two Bible references:
Psalm 94 verses 18 and 19:I said "I am falling", but your constant love, o Lord, held me up. Whenever I am anxious and worried, you comfort me and make me glad.
Hebrews chapter 4 verse 16: Let us have confidence, then, and approach God's throne, where there is grace. There we will receive mercy and find grace to help us just when we need it.