What is Time?

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We measure the passing of our lives by the clock and the calendar. Sometimes they seem to be playing tricks on us! If a son or daughter is a little late coming home from school, every minute seems like an hour to their mum. When you are engrossed in a gripping novel or computer game you may be astonished to find that outside it has changed from daylight to dusk. And springtime sometimes seems to last only a matter of days, as a wintry cold March suddenly gives way to a summery April with hot sunshine and greenery on every tree. (Of course, it is quite probable that May will be cold again!!).

Our Heavenly Father has always existed and always will. He is outside of time. In this world we have to use words like "endless" and "eternity", still in the context of the only time we can comprehend, but "everlasting life" just means what always was and always will be. Believe in Jesus and your everlasting life will be in Heaven in the very presence of God. You will be secure and loved for ever.