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What does the word "treasure" word mean to you? Diamond and gold jewellery; a much-loved sentimental object (maybe not even worth any money); a treasure hunt game played with the children; images of pirates and smugglers and an ancient chest at the bottom of the sea? Maybe it is your word for an extra special friend or helper. It is understandable to think of treasures in purely material terms - possessions which we proudly own, or envy when other people have them!

Proverbs chapter 2 verses 1 to 15 in the Old Testament of the Bible make it clear that wisdom, insight and understanding are treasures. Learning about God is what we must aim for, and in turn He will endow us with wisdom to live our lives honestly and well and He will offer help and protection when we need them. You will even get pleasure from your acquired wisdom and knowledge - how good is that?

Now it is worth turning to Colossians in the New Testament. In chapter 2 verse 3 you will see that Jesus, God's Son, is Himself the key to having the "treasure" of God's wisdom for yourself. So let us learn about Jesus! When He lived on earth He told many little stories with moral or spiritual meanings, called parables. There is a parable about a treasure in St.Matthew chapter 13 verse 44.