Stunning Sun

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These are the beautiful shades of an autumn sunrise, seen from our garden. When the sun rose above the trees a little later the colours faded, but it was as if God said to us: here is the new day I promised. Who could not want to worship such a Creator?

There are lots of references to the sun and the sky in the Bible, but here are three: Genesis chapter 1 verses 14 to 18; Psalm 19 verses 1 to 6; 1 Corinthians 15 verse 41.

Praise and worship of our Lord are a big part of being a Christian. We ask Him for things we would like, we thank Him when He has been good and generous to us, but we must also remember to just "sing His praises". It's not difficult when we look out of the door and see the beauties of the natural world around us...and above us the wide sky which varies in colour from day to day and sometimes moment to moment!