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Our Lord God created countless varieties of plants (see Genesis chapter 1 verses 11 and 12) and organised each to be able to reproduce itself in its own unique way. This miracle is of course brought about by seeds.

Jesus talked about seeds. In St.Luke chapter 8 verses 4 to 15 He says that the seed is the Word of God. All seeds end up in different places: some on rocky ground with no earth or moisture, some among big weeds which choke the growing plants. Lots are eaten by birds! But some fall into good, nourishing soil and put down roots and grow up into fine, stong plants. True Christians are this "good soil" because they care about God.

My favourite seeds are those which are carried from the parent plant by the wind, such as dandelions, thistles and "old man's beard". In other countries there must be many other seeds whose names I don't know, which float about on the breeze.

If you are a Christian already, or if you are interested in my pages and have looked up the Bible references, please pass on the Good News of God's redeeming love through His Son Jesus Christ to others. Jesus told His disciples, in St.Matthew chapter 28 verses 19 and 20: I have all authority in heaven and on earth, so go to people everywhere and tell them about me and help them to obey the things I have taught.

The "seeds of the Word" should be blowing all over the place!