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In Old Testament times people offered young animals, such as calves and lambs, as sacrifices to God. They took them to the High Priest, who then burnt them on an altar. This was to obtain forgiveness of their sins. God was pleased when these offerings were made to Him, but the animals in question had to be firstborn and they had to be free from any kind of blemish or physical imperfection. See Deuteronomy chapter 15 verses 19 to 23. People were "put right with God" every time they gave animal sacrifice.

Then came Jesus. God HIMSELF, in the person of His Son, came to earth as a little baby. Jesus grew up and preached a wonderful message of love and forgiveness. He was crucified: the Son of God Himself forgave us all by dying with OUR sin upon Him. And Jesus was sinless and absolutely perfect, so He was the only possible sacrifice. See Hebrews chapter 10 verse 10.

Even more amazing is the fact that Jesus was a "once and for all sacrifice": in John chapter 19 verse 30 we read "Jesus said 'It is finished!'. Then He bowed His head and died". Everyone living now and who will ever live can be forgiven and be made fit to live with the Lord in heaven...if they will just believe in Jesus and what He did on the cross and by His subsequent resurrection. "Put right with God" - what a wonderful promise! And no more animals need to be burnt on any altars again.