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Working hard at your job, whatever that may be, is excellent and commendable and hopefully should give you some degree of satisfaction. However, it is equally important to be able to relax, wind down, "chill out", either with family and friends or on your own.

God wants us to be able to enjoy our leisure time so that we don't end up exhausted and stressed and not much good to anybody! Maybe playing a musical instrument is one of your hobbies. In 1 Samuel chapter 18 verse 10 you can read that David played the harp every day. Perhaps if he were here now he would be an accomplished guitarist like some famous names we know!

Jesus needed to rest after He had been preaching and healing all those crowds of people He attracted wherever He went. It was a sensible thing to do. The Son of God was, after all, at that time as human as we are. In Mark chapter 6 verse 31 He tells His disciples that they should go off somewhere where they will be alone and can be refreshed. They probably all had a nice little nap, too! Then it was "back to work" again. Jesus did help people when He was weary, however, because He loved them and was full of compassion. Even when we are relaxing, whether it be playing a sport or lying on a sandy beach on holiday, we can be alert to the needs of others and so serve the Lord that way ...perhaps making some new friends into the bargain.