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The word "regret" is a sad one. All of us have wished that we hadn't done or said certain things. We may have hurt people and felt ashamed; we may not have bothered to take opportunities to do some good; we may not have taken enough care of our health and find ourselves ill as a result.

When God saw that the men and women He had created on earth were behaving wickedly in thought and deed He was filled with regret that He had ever made them. He caused an enormous flood, but because he was pleased with Noah He saved him and his family and thus the human race grew again.

The same loving God gave His precious Son to us to take all our sins on His own body on the cross and "wipe our slates clean". God is ready to forgive every one of us. But only if we say sorry and mean it! Don't end up regretting that you never accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour. You will miss out on eternal joy.