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What a joy the springtime is, what joy to see new green shoots appearing through the earth and trees full of pink or white blossoms with their tiny delicate petals. Psalm 65 verse 10 in the Bible tells us how good are the fresh spring showers which God sends especially to help the plants along. Even though we need our umbrellas quite often, we shouldn't complain.

Spring is the rebirth of the year. Each of us is born once physically, but we need to be born spiritually as well. This wonderful birth might happen at any time in your life, but once it has you are "saved" and have the gift of eternal life in Heaven. In John chapter 3 verses 1 to 7 we see Jesus explaining this need to a good Jewish leader called Nicodemus. God sent Jesus into the world to tell people about Him and eventually die on their behalf. If you believe this and believe that Jesus was raised from death on the third day after His crucifixion ("Easter Sunday") you can be sure that you are born again, not from your mother this time but from above, through God's Holy Spirit. Some of you may not feel quite sure, but it is emphasised again in Isaiah chapter 61 verse 11 and also 1 Peter 1 verse 23.

Until you leave this world you are still a fallible human being, of course, but when you sincerely ask for forgiveness for anything you do wrong it will be given - and you have the Holy Spirit within you always to guide you through life. In God's eyes, the "old you" is as dead as last year's brown leaves.