Petals and Robes

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I love taking photographs of flowers! I didn't have to look far for these pretty ones - they were in the public gardens in the middle of my home town. Such is the attraction of flowers that they are given or displayed at all sorts of events and celebrations.

Jesus mentions flowers in St.Matthew's gospel, chapter 6 verses 28 to 30. (Some Bible translations call them "lilies of the field") Flower petals are like the "clothes" of a plant. Jesus said we musn't worry about what we wear. God knows that we need garments. He makes every beautiful flower that blooms, so He is even more likely to "clothe" us. Just have faith that you will be provided for.

There was a very important king called Solomon in the Old Testament. Read 1 Kings chapter 10 verses 23 to 25 to see how important. Yet Jesus said that the most glorious robe which Solomon possessed wasn't as beautiful as one small wild flower!! In Isaiah chapter 40 verses 7 and 8 we learn that the Word of God endures forever, unlike the fragile and transient flowers He makes with such care.