One of Those Days

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We all experience them from time to time - days when nothing seems to go right. Often we begin by over-sleeping, rush about and knock over a bottle full of milk or our hot cup of coffee. We go out and the very day we don't bother to take an umbrella it unexpectedly starts to pour with rain! Perhaps a friend cancels a looked-forward-to visit...just when you have made a special cake. Then the television goes of those days.

It can happen with our spiritual life, too - low points when nasty little thoughts creep into our heads. Can the story of Jesus the Son of God really be true?...supposing there isn't anything after death? But if you have made the definite decision to follow Christ, to believe in the words of the gospels in the New Testament, and to obey Jesus' teaching...then it doesn't matter what any day is like, because you have a FUTURE, a SAVIOUR, a FRIEND whom you can talk to, know that He always listens and can be trusted to fill you with inner strength to cope with each and every day. And you have the promise of a joyous everlasting life in Heaven with Him!

The Psalms in the Old Testament are good to read when you need reassurance from our Heavenly Father. Try Psalms 16, 27, 62, 86 and 121 to start with. In the New Testament, John chapter 14 verses 1 to 14 will also help you.

Never despair on your "low days" - God understands.