Nicola Jane

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I'm naming this page after my little daughter, who, after developing well during pregnancy (she weighed nearly 8 pounds finally and did plenty of kicking) died when I was in labour and came into this world stillborn. She would be a young woman now. We loved our baby girl and so did her two older sisters. Happily I had a healthy baby a year and a half later and the older ones got their much-wanted baby sister.

However, we know that Nicola is not dead. Her soul passed straight to Heaven where she lives with Jesus, and she is waiting to meet the rest of her family one day.

Sadly, lots of babies all over the world are born dead or die shortly after birth. King David in the Old Testament had a son with a lady called Bathsheba. When the baby died, David knew that he would never come back to him, but that one day he would get to meet his son again (2 Samuel, chapter 12 verses 22 and 23).

I would recommend every mum and dad of a baby who has died to make a special "scrapbook". It is very comforting. Nicola's book contains photographs of her in the hospital and of her little cross in the cemetery. There are also pictures of summer flowers (she was born in June), photos of places that remind me of the time I was expecting her, birthday cards I have bought for her. There is even a photograph of a little boat I saw which had her name on its side!

Nicola is precious to God because He meant her to be - He had planned her existence, as He has all of us. It says so in Psalm 139 verses 13 to 16.He already knows how long each person will live. God sees and shares our sorrow when we grieve, but if we trust in His love, study His words and believe that everything we experience has a divine purpose ...we eventually find comfort and peace.