Lord's Days

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We have services in church on Sunday because that is the "Lord's Day" or "Sabbath". Deuteronomy chapter 5 verse 12 (in the Old Testament) tells us that day is different from the other days in the week.

The church is a very good place for meeting other Christians, joining with them in prayer and in singing hymns of praise to God, but we must also pray and behave in a decent manner from Monday to Saturday. God doesn't want to be put in a box marked "Sundays only"! He wants to be involved in every part of our lives and is watching what we do with these precious lives. Christianity is a LIFESTYLE. See Matthew chapter 22 verses 36 to 39 for the two greatest commandments of all.

Now good deeds and nice behaviour are not the way to Heaven but they do determine how big our rewards will be in our eternal life. Take no notice of people who say "If anyone deserves to go to Heaven, he/she does". No-one DESERVES Heaven! But believing in Jesus and His sacrificial death for us all, followed by His resurrection, makes it possible to have everlasting joy in the presence of the Lord. And...if you truly love Jesus you will want to do kind things and treat other people well anyway. Bible reference: Ephesians chapter 2 verses 8 to 10