Just say Yes

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We can probably recall, as little children, how our mother looked after us when we were poorly. Maybe she gave us some cough syrup and a warm blanket to snuggle under when we had a cold. Maybe a hug and a sticking plaster were all we needed when we had a fall. Doctors can prescribe all kinds of medicines and pills to help us get over our ailments.

Jesus, the Son of the living God, came into the world so that whoever believes in Him, and believes in His resurrection from death, is promised eternal life with Him. See John chapter 17 verse 3. Well, when Jesus was here on earth He got tired and maybe felt unwell at times, just as we do. He knows how we feel! He can empathise!

Now picture this: there is a sick man lying in bed. His doctor has been to see him and prescribed some medicine, which his wife has collected from the pharmacy. He promises to take a regular dose and the bottle of medicine is left by his bedside, together with a little spoon. Without this, the doctor said, the man will get weaker and weaker until he dies. His wife tries to encourage him to take it, but he won't. Alone in his bed, he stubbornly leaves the bottle untouched, day after day. (Perhaps he thinks it will taste nasty).

We will leave this earthly life for eternity in heaven if we take the "medicine" of Jesus. He stands at the door of our hearts, just as the bottle stands on the bedside table. See Revelation chapter 3 verse 20. Ask Him in and He will accept you, just as you are, and guarantee your everlasting joy with God in heaven. All you need to do is unscrew the bottle top, pour a spoonful of medicine - and swallow. It's as simple as that. It's by God's grace and love - a free gift and a sure promise. Read 1st Letter of John chapter 5, verses 11 - 12

Jesus is waiting for you to say "yes". His medicine is delicious. So, pick up that spoon RIGHT NOW!