In Your Dreams

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We all have weird dreams. Sometimes they are nightmares, when we wake up with a jump and can feel panicky and disorientated. Usually we just feel relieved to be awake once more - and the memory of the dream fades rapidly or, if we remember it, just seems silly.

Dreams are mentioned quite a lot in the Bible. Probably the most well-known are those which were experienced by Joseph, the youngest son of Jacob in the Old Testament. He told his brothers what he dreamt about and they didn't like it because he was making himself a bit self-important! Read about this in Genesis chapter 37 verses 3 to 10. Then Joseph told the King of Egypt what HIS dreams meant. And he was right! God is very definitely in charge of our dream-world.

When believers in Jesus enter Heaven from earthly life, it will be like this world is to a dream: a brilliant reality in comparison to a shadowy half-existence. Now we think of our lives as "real" but Heaven will be so much better! In 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 12 we get a pictorial idea of this. Heaven will be completely wonderful.