Images For Celebration

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Celebrations and family get-togethers are often "tasty" times - think of big roast dinners, iced cakes and all those sweet and savoury snacks at adults' and children's parties. They are "bright" times as well, perhaps with fairylights strung up round the room or mirror-balls above the dance floor.

God the Father was the originator of light: in Genesis chapter 1 verses 3 to 5. He created it out of nothing and we have had the wonder of daylight and sunlight ever since that amazing moment. See a reference also in Psalm 36 verse 9.

Jesus preached to a great crowd of people in what is called the Sermon on the Mount. He said (Matthew chapter 5 verse 13-16) that we were to be "like salt" for others. I like to call it "giving them a taste of Christianity"!! Salt is of course used as a preservative and Jesus said it was useless if it lost its saltiness.

He also said we were to be like light for the world - let non-believers see the "light" of your behaviour and love of God shining brightly, so that they will know that good things come from the Lord. (Matthew chapter 5 verses 14 to 16). This includes His perfect Son, who took our sins upon Himself on the cross so that believers might live for ever in Heaven. In John chapter 8 verse 12 Jesus said that He was the Light of the World. If we love Him and obey His teachings we will never be shut into the darkness of sin and hopelessness.

Something to celebrate indeed!