Hunger and Thirst

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Hunger and thirst - we all feel them every day. In our house we like fish and chips, mushrooms, Chinese food, cauliflower cheese, tea and coffee, chocolate cake - and puddings with lots of custard. But we are all different!

However, our bodies are not just one thing, they are two - physical and spirit, flesh-and-blood plus that mysterious "something" which makes us "someone". We have a hunger for knowledge of what life is all about and a thirst for things of a spiritual nature. The place where you can find out about such things is the Bible.

Belief in Jesus is the answer to the non-physical "hunger and thirst" of your life. If you feast on His wonderful words you will be spiritually filled in the knowledge that you have been chosen by God to enjoy eternal life in heaven. If you own a Bible, why not turn to the book of John and see the words of Jesus in chapter 6 verses 48 to 51.