How to Pray

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1. Prayer is simply talking to God...asking, thanking, or just telling Him how you feel about things. (See Isaiah chapter 58 verse 9). Tell Him, for instance, how beautiful the blue sky looks today...or the grey stormy sky!!

2. Pray in ordinary, everyday language. It's just not on to get all pompous before God. See what Jesus says in Matthew chapter 6 verses 5 to 8.

3. Nothing you can pray about is "too small" for God to bother with, or "too big" for Him to cope with. He did after all create the entire universe...and the tiniest creatures in our world.

4. Pray alone. Relax against a pillow on your bed, go out for a walk by yourself (or with the dog, of course!), stand on your doorstep in the fresh morning air before everyone else gets up. Never think "I really should pray. I'll do it later". You won't.

5. Pray with others, in church, during Bible studies, at home with your family. Jesus is there amongst you! (Matthew chapter 18 verses 19 and 20).

6. Discipline yourself. Make time each day for God, but don't have rigid rules for prayer, because boredom could easily set it. Personally, though, I like to say a few words to Him each night before I settle down to sleep.

7. Remember: Satan (our enemy the Devil) hates it when you pray! He would rather you didn't, so that he can concentrate on making you believe you don't need God in your life at all.

8. Again...pray just whenever you want, day or night! See 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 16 and 17. God will always hear you "in an emergency", but obviously He is not too pleased at being ignored when your life is sailing along happily. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!!