Great and Small

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God created everything, from the vast, deep oceans to the tiniest microscopic organisms which we cannot see with the naked eye. The first verses of the book of Genesis describe the Creation and tell us that God was pleased with all that He had made; it was perfect.

Enormous whales feed on minute plankton and krill in the seas. Gigantic snow-capped mountains and waterfalls like Niagara are stunning and breathtaking, yet there is just as much beauty in little drops of morning dew or fresh rainwater on your garden flowers.

We humans are very tiny in comparison with Earth, let alone the universe, but each one of us is capable of giving a huge amount of care and love to our fellow beings and of loving the Lord with all our heart. Jesus is very definite about the importance of this, as you can read in Matthew's gospel, chapter 22 verses 34 to 39. Love is the biggest emotion in the world.