Feel Free

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It is without doubt very pleasant to have some free time. We all have different ways of enjoying freedom but nearly everyone would agree that to be out in the fresh air on our summer holidays is a wonderful feeling.

In the Old Testament, in Deuteronomy chapter 15 verses 12 to 15 we learn how the Israelites were to treat their slaves: they must be given their freedom after six years. The Lord thus rates the concept of freedom most highly.

The forgiveness of sin by God is a "free gift" to every one of us. There are no strings attached, as is sometimes the case with free gifts offered in life. Jesus, as God's Son, came to earth and took the sins of the whole world upon Himself at His crucifixion, so that we could have complete forgiveness from and fellowship with our Father. You can read about this in Romans chapter 8 verses 1 to 11 and learn how to be "free for ever".