Enough for a Feast

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One of my best-loved stories about Jesus is when He fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish! It's told by all four Gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) but my favourite version is Matthew chapter 14 verses 14 to 21. Notice that Jesus asked His disciples to feed the hungry crowd. What!! With five little barley loaves and just two fish? Impossible...but not with the Lord's divine help. Jesus took the food and gave thanks to God the Father. He handed it back to the disciples and they distributed it amongst the people. Amazingly, everyone had enough to eat and there were even lots of bits left on the ground!

It was a miracle. But God can still do miraculous and wondrous things today. I think the point of this Bible story is that if, for instance, we only have a small amount of money to give to a charity, we should ask God to bless our contribution. He really can do great things with ANYTHING, if we have love for others in our hearts as we donate. That's my interpretation, anyway. We have to be willing to give for the Lord...as the disciples were willing to give up their precious supper!