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Many people think that being a Christian is boring - that you have to be good all the time ("good" in their opinion meaning repressed and dull) and have no fun. In the Bible, in John's gospel chapter 10 verse 10, Jesus talks about why He has come into the world - that we might have life, and life in full. Because He is our saviour, we who believe in His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection can look forward to a wonderful life with Him in Heaven, but there is a great life to be lived here first.

Jesus wasn't against enjoying parties, with food and dancing and good drinks. He was a guest at a wedding when the wine ran out!! So He ordered two huge jars to be filled up with water and when the guests tasted it, it had not only miraculously become wine but the very best kind. John chapter 2 verses 1 to 11 tells this little story.

But drunkenness and over-indulgence are severely frowned on by the Lord. These things make people lose control and behave foolishly. There are many Biblical references to be found about this, for example: Isaiah chapter 5 verses 11 and 22; Romans chapter 13 verse 13; Ephesians chapter 5 verses 18 to 20.

So we can go out and and have fun with our friends. But we must remember at all times to think of our behaviour and how it might affect others. If the Holy Spirit of God is at our parties, weddings and other joyous times, we can be sure that no-one will be in danger.