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It is very tempting to hate our enemies. They might merely be irritating or unpleasant people who make life difficult for us, or of course "enemies" might mean someone much more serious, whose behaviour can only be sorted out by the justice system of the land.

Our Lord Jesus, the Son of God, knew all about enemies for He had them too. The "top people" in Jerusalem wanted Him out of the way. But in His famous Sermon on the Mount He orders us to love not hate, and to pray for those who are perpetrating unkind thoughts and deeds. You can read His words in St.Matthew chapter 5 verses 43 to 48.

We must pray for people who are hurting us, either personally or in connection with others, and then wait and God in His wisdom will provide help and answers. 2 Thessalonians chapter 1 verses 6 to 8 is a great comfort to those who believe in God, His Son and His Son's death and resurrection. God has created every living person and it is not men and women you must hate but the wicked things which they can choose to do, sometimes causing despair and heartache.