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It is part of our human nature to be doubtful. Often we do not know who we can fully trust, or what claims we can be sure are completely valid and safe. But there is someone we can trust absolutely - the Lord God. We need never doubt His words in the Bible. In Genesis chapter 15 verses 1 to 6 Abraham trusted the Lord. He believed, childless as he was, that he would have many descendants and it came true.

Psalm 46 is a comforting one to read about God and how mighty He is. Abraham is mentioned again in the New Testament, in Hebrews chapter 11, together with many other Old Testament characters who didn't doubt God and life eventually became better for them. The first verse of chapter 11 is wonderful for it states that, by having faith, we can be certain of the things we hope for but cannot see.

Never doubt the love of God. Pray to Him and then be CERTAIN that He has the right answer for you.