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Generally speaking, the idea of darkness is not a particularly pleasant one. We say we are being "kept in the dark" when we are not told everything we think we should be; some people have a "dark side" to their personality. We all know what a nuisance it is when there is a sudden evening power-cut and we have to grope around for torches and candles. And these days it is not very pleasant having to walk along any unlit road at night.

Throughout the whole Bible, darkness is associated with evil, the actions and words of those people who do not care about God or do not even believe in Him. Of course, there are plenty of people who do not believe in God who are actually rather nice people, but the dark deeds and thoughts are trying very hard to get in all the same. Three Bible references you might like to look up and read are: Proverbs chapter 4 verses 18-19, Isaiah chapter 59 verses 9-11 and John chapter 3 verses 19-20.

We need illumination! Just as our Creator God made light itself in the very beginning (see the first verses of Genesis), so He sent His Son Jesus to be the Light of the World. We need to be rescued from the darkness. St.Paul in the book of Acts chapter 26 verse 18 tells us to turn from this darkness to the light of faith in God and forgiveness of sins. I know there are a lot of Bible references in this little piece I have written, but I'd like to add one more: John chapter 1 verses 4-5. The radiant light from our Lord Jesus can never be extinguished; it will last forever. ("The Word" means Jesus Christ).